How much space do you need?

1.5 metres (depth) x 2.5 metres (length) is fine for a string quartet. If needs be, for a ceremony for example three of us can stand (the cello has to sit) which would take less space. We like to store our instrument cases out of the way (nearby room or behind a pillar etc) to look neat! We simply require four chairs without arms.

Can you perform outside?

We love to play outside for you if the weather is suitable. Generally if it is nice enough for your guests to sit outside it is nice enough for us too but due to the value of the instruments we can’t play in damp or windy conditions or in strong, direct sunlight. We can usually find shade if necessary but if you want to increase the chances of us playing outside you might want to find us a gazebo (3 x 2m approx). If some of your guests are outside and others inside we will try to find somewhere where we will be heard best by the majority.

Can you change venue from the ceremony to the reception?

Yes we’re very happy to follow you from one place to another!

How much do you charge?

We feel happy to give you an idea of our prices as we feel certain that you won’t get the same quality of playing from a professional quartet for a more reasonable price. We can do this because we do not charge for administration and because you are booking us direct rather than through an agent. Prices start from £440. Travel expenses are included within the South Devon area and kept to a minimum if your event is outside that area.

I'd like to book but I'm not sure of the exact timings yet...

No problem. If you just let us know the timings you think are most likely we can easily send out ammended contracts if your timings change with reasonable notice before the day.

What is the booking proceedure?

Initially you would check our availability and then if you do want to go ahead we just need a postal address to send your contract to, the venue address and the timings that you would like (including start time). If you are happy with your contract, just sign and return one copy along with a deposit of £160 and the date is confirmed with us. You can choose whether you would like to pay the balance by cheque or bank transfer a week or more in advance or cash on the day.

But my event is a bit different...

We have played for weddings, funerals, parties, cruise ships, corporate events, military dinners, tea parties, children’s concerts and even breakfast for two! You name it and we’ve done it and we can do it for you. We’re happy to play beautiful music wherever and whenever we can. Just ask.

We'd like a piece that isn't on your repertoire list.

No problem. Firstly we will see if it is available already and if it is we can buy it for a cost of between £5-15. Not all modern pieces are available for string quartet yet but our fabulous arranger can arrange any of your “must-have” songs from £30 each.

Can you accompany singers/other instrumentalists?

Yes. We really enjoy accompanying other musicians. We are happy to communicate with them directly to sort the sheet music and speed etc to make sure it will work well and then we arrive early in order to practise with them on the day (for no extra charge).

“We had the most wonderful wedding day and you played your part by being so flexible and helpful on the run up to the day and then doing everything we wished for on the day. Thank you once again.” Kirsten O’Brien (Art Attack)